People try; really they do. I watch colleagues, students, clients – not to mention long suffering family and friends – look for those stationary spots to stare at that will stabilize their eyeballs.

Yogis call those spots dristi or gazing spots; they keep you from falling on your face in Warrior III.


In my case, people who love me, at at least sort of like me or are hoping for a good grade in one of my classes, are trying not to roll their eyes. I have uttered the magic word: breathe.

To breathe is to balance in the moment.

At the risk of you, dear reader, rolling your eyes at this early point in our relationship, let me repeat: to breathe is to balance in the moment.

In my moments I work as a therapist grounded in an integrated, mindful social work perspective. I teach and train in university, community college, corporate and private settings. I’m branching out of my comfort zone to offer therapy and teaching in online environments, and going even further out with considerations for product development.

Sometimes these posts will be heavy on information. Sometimes I shall be inviting you to muse along with me. I hope every post will elicit at least one smile, even if rueful.

Life is a balancing act. Breathing in the moment, this perfect moment, helps to keeps us from falling on our faces.

I read today that there is no Sanskrit word for “face plant”; that’s ok. Without a word for an event, behavior or state of being, it’s just that much harder to personally identify with.

I am not terribly interested in personally identifying with falling on my face. If you are still reading, I’m going to guess you are not, either. So, breathe, and balance along with me….